Blue Ombré Jar Matches


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Light a beautiful spark with this luxurious blue ombré bottle full of color-coordinated matches!

These special ombré match bottles are designed to remind us of the gradual transition from day to night, from light to dark, from wakefulness to slumber...

Each tiny glass bottle contains 48 safety matches with blue tips (matching the color of the bottle). The bottle itself fades from clear to blue on the bottom half. A striker strip is conveniently incorporated into a simple, signature label on one side reading "strike on bottle matches: for special and everyday use". You can hide the label or feature it when you display your bottle, your choice, but it's always there when you need to light a match. The jar comes with a silver, metal, water-tight lid. Take your matches anywhere, or keep them on your mantle looking pretty! A party in a bottle...

Place one next to your bath tub, favorite reading spot, or on your mantle for candle-lit relaxation... Scatter some on a table as unique favors for a party... With a universal appeal, these also make beautiful additions to mother's day, holiday, father's day, bridesmaid, and birthday gifts!

This is a colorful, round glass bottle containing standard sized matches with matching heads. The bottle itself is 3" tall, and the safety matches are 1 7/8" long with blue tips. The ombré match jars now feature an enlarged striker strip.  As always, well-designed and well-crafted.  Each of my products is a one-of-a-kind creation designed and made by me in the Pacific Northwest.

Note: Matches ship to US addresses only. All US orders containing matches are shipped USPS ground.

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