Custom Text Large 4" Matchbox


Light a clean, classic spark with these personalized, extra-large matchboxes full of 4" long candle matches!

Adorned with your own initials, monogram, name, or phrase in your foil press color of choice on the outer lids, these tiny matchboxes add the perfect personalized touch. Each matchbox comes with the same letters foil pressed / embossed on the cover in a beautifully styled, elegant serif font. These matchboxes come in a beautiful, subtle, matte champagne gold color. 

PERSONALIZATION: please put your choice of up to twenty-five (25) characters in a buyer's note at checkout in the order you would like them printed. Be sure to send me the capitalization you would like included. In addition to lower-/upper- case letters and numbers, you may also include spaces and the following punctuation in the (25) character limit: & + . , ' ! ?  |

This special, oversized matchbox makes a unique and memorable gift for a bridesmaid, host/hostess, graduation, birthday, mother's/father's day, the holidays, and more. Pairs perfectly with a candle. The perfect unique touch for a wedding cigar bar, guest bathroom counter, or bedroom nightstand. Keep one handy for dinners, picnics, camping trips, evenings by the fire pit, and barbecues. Give one as a gift to a fellow lover of vintage-style, embossed decor...

This matchbox is a larger size (4 1/2" x 2 5/8" x 3/4"), and contains about 60 white-tipped safety matches with natural stems that are 4" long. A generous striker strip is located on the right hand side. The sliding inner match drawer color adds a subtle bit of champagne gold. As always, well-designed and well-crafted.  If you prefer a different match tip color, feel free to send us a message and we can see what we have in stock.

* Your choice of foil color for the foil-pressed text
* Gold matchboxes
* Natural match stems with white tips
* Nicolas Cochin font (a beautiful French font from the 1910's)
* Up to twenty (25) characters can be included: lower-/upper- case letters, numbers, and the following punctuation: & + . , ' ! ? |
* 4 1/2" (extra-large) matchbox size

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Note: International orders are shipped without matches in the boxes. All US orders containing matches are shipped by ground.

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