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Lotus Blossom Large Matchbox

Lotus Blossom Large Matchbox

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Light a nature-inspired spark with this special matchbox full of 4" long candle matches!

This extra-large candle matchbox is adorned with a simple pattern evocative of lotus blossoms in navy blue and cerulean blue. The design was inspired by a traditional Japanese bookbinding technique known as stab binding, which uses woven thread in decorative motifs to hold the pages of a book together. This matchbook has a subtle linen texture print overlaid on the design, evoking the feel of a beloved cloth-bound book.

This special, oversized matchbox makes a great gift for an explorer, nature lover, traveler, camper, hiker, backpacker, nomad, wanderer, book lover, book binder, artist, designer, or anyone with an imaginative soul. Pairs perfectly with a candle. Get one for yourself too and place it next to your bath tub, favorite reading spot, or on your mantle for candle-lit relaxation... Keep one handy for dinners, picnics, camping trips, evenings by the fire pit, and barbecues. Give one as a gift to a fellow lotus blossom lover...

This lotus blossom matchbox is part of a set of 3 extra-large candle matchboxes inspired by the art of Japanese bookbinding, along with a meadow design and a mountain peaks design.

This matchbox is a larger size (4 1/2" x 2 5/8" x 3/4"), and contains about (60) 4”-long, cerulean blue-tipped safety matches with natural stems. A generous striker strip is located on the right hand side, like the pages of a book. The sliding inner match drawer color adds a subtle bit of matte champagne gold. As always, well-designed and well-crafted.

Note: International orders are shipped without matches in the boxes. All US orders containing matches are shipped by ground.

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