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Saguaro Cactus 2" White Match Jar

Saguaro Cactus 2" White Match Jar

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Light a pretty spark with this simple bottle full of white matches, adorned with an illustration of saguaro cacti standing proudly in the desert.

This square glass bottle contains about (80) 2" safety matches with plain white tips, perfect for lighting candles. A clear label adorned with saguaro cactus adorns the front, and a generous striker strip is conveniently hidden on the back side. The jar comes with a water-tight metal lid. Take your matches anywhere, or keep them on your mantle looking tidy. A moment of calm in a bottle...

These special bottles make beautiful presents for Mother's Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Christmas, Hanukah, bridesmaid gifts, wedding favors, and birthday gifts! Pairs perfectly with a candle. Get one for yourself too and place it next to your bath tub, favorite reading spot, or on your mantle for candle-lit relaxation...

This is a medium sized glass bottle (3 1/2" tall), and the white-tipped safety matches are 2" long. As always, well-designed and well-crafted.

Note: Matches ship to US addresses only. All US orders containing matches are shipped by ground.

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