Camping Lantern Menagerie Jar Matches


Light a pretty spark with this jar full of classic white matches, adorned with a simple illustration of a vintage camping lantern in forest green. 

This square glass bottle contains about (80) 2" safety matches with classic white tips, perfect for lighting candles. A spartan, clear label bears a stunning illustration of a camping lantern on the front, and a generous striker strip is conveniently hidden on the back side. The jar comes with a water-tight metal lid. Take your matches anywhere, or keep them on your mantle looking tidy. A moment of calm in a bottle... 

This is a medium sized glass bottle (3 1/2" tall), and the white-tipped safety matches are 2" long. As always, well-designed and well-crafted.  These special bottles are part of our new menagerie line, a collection of interesting things.

Note: Always practice safety with matches. Matches ship to US addresses only. All US orders containing matches are shipped by ground.

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