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Potted Pilea Plant Menagerie Jar Matches

Potted Pilea Plant Menagerie Jar Matches

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Light a botanical spark with this jar full of classic white matches, adorned with a pretty potted pilea plant. 

This square glass bottle contains about (80) 2" safety matches with classic white tips, perfect for lighting candles. A clear label bears an illustration of a potted pilea houseplant, and a generous striker strip is conveniently hidden on the back side. The jar comes with a water-tight metal lid. Take your matches anywhere, or keep them on your mantle looking tidy. A moment of calm or celebration in a bottle... 

These special bottles are part of our new menagerie line, a collection of interesting things.  This bottle is perfect for all of the plant moms, plant dads, gardeners, plant ladies, botanists, plant hoarders, farmhouse dwellers, greenhouse fans, apartment plant collectors, and other botanical lovers out there.

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